Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Para Mi Almita

For her birthday, my good friend, Almita, wanted me to give her a bread making lesson. She wanted to learn how to make whole wheat bread. This post is not on how to make bread but what I did to make it look like a birthday gift.

(for some reason, the pictures came out blurry, click on the picture to see it more clearly)

First of all I gathered together the supplies that I thought that I would need.

I then took apart the food containers.


I then spray painted them the various colors.

Next, I took off the label from the can of wheat and used it as a template for the pretty scrapbook paper I used as the new lable.

I love the vintage label that I found for free here.

I then applied the label to the food container box.

Then I re-assembled the boxes.

And filled them with their corresponding ingredient.

And there you have it.... A lovely birthday gift....

For a lovely friend.

Nice job Almita!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Now There's Five

Last week wee discovered that a forth chicken has started laying. It was Rocky, one of the younger Barred Rocks. And now today....I have found five eggs. I'm not sure who the fifth girl is but she lays speckled eggs.

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It Was Twins

So after making scrambled eggs for dinner, I found that the huge egg had double yolks. Mmmmm delicious!!

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