Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Today I went out to tend the chickens and found that Julia had laid this enormous egg. I guess that she was jealous that I said that Black Jack's egg was a little bigger. So now the competition is on.

This is Julia's egg today compared to her egg she laid yesterday...ouch!

This is Julia's egg next to a Costco extra large egg...ouch! ( I wonder if it will have double yolks, I'll have to wait and see; Jack wants to see it when he gets home from work.)

This is Julia basking in the sun resting after such a feat.

Monday, September 26, 2011

We've Got Another Layer!

Okay... It's official, we have another layer. Black Jack is now laying. I heard her in there this morning singing the laying song ( bawk bawk bawk Bagawk!) so now that's three for her. I suspected it was her but now I am sure. What a good girl!

- That's her right next to the egg.

The one on the left is Black Jack's and the one on the right is Julia's. Black Jack's is a little lighter in color and a little larger.


I harvested these little yummies today. The trick was to keep them out of reach of the chickens when I let them free range. They may have eaten a bunch of my blueberries, but I won the strawberry booty. Thanks to my DDIL, I have inherited three little strawberry plants. I am taking good care of them...mmmmm.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Where's the Shell??

This morning I went out to check for eggs. As of now, only Julia is laying. She has been for a couple of weeks now. Well, this morning there were no eggs in the nest, but I saw something inside the coop under the roosting board. It was actually an egg with NO shell. It just had the membrane around it. Pretty cool! I hope that this means that someone new is starting to lay. Otherwise I am going to have supplement with something high in calcium. I'll check into it and update later.


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